About the Coach

Jane Mims has more than 20 years experience in management and building teams. She is a Professional Certified Coach specializing in Executive Management Coaching and Life Coaching. 

She helps upper and middle managers improve communication, effectiveness, and build quality teams through quality leadership. Jane’s signature communication style cuts to the heart of an issue for effectiveness in clarity, goal setting, and goal achievement.  Her varied professional background includes sales, marketing, fundraising, journalism, advertising, and fashion modeling. The one common denominator Jane finds across those fields is a profound need and in some cases, a desperate lack of excellent management.

Jane has a passion for individual life coaching as well, which she wraps back around to management: time management, situation management, self-knowledge/realization, and self-discipline. Running a successful and low-stress life also demands management skills, and that is what inspired Jane’s devotion to coaching and helping others in this area.

Jane is an Emmy award-winning journalist who loves to run, volunteer in her community, practice yoga and read. Mindfulness, awareness, and the practice of active gratitude are part of Jane’s daily life and mission. She brings all of them into her coaching style. She believes there are not two sides to every issue, but myriad ways to approach life.

She lives in Memphis, TN with her husband Bob, daughter Holland,
two spirited Goldendoodles, and one humongous cat.